Different types of engine tuning – Add-on chiptuning box on the horizon

Add-on chiptuning box on the horizon


There are different ways to tune your engine. Firstly, there are different reasons for people to tune their vehicle. Some people tune their car to run at its peak efficiency. Some generally want to run at a better pace with better performance than it is originally manufactured. Due to conservative settings used by manufacturers and low cost production methods and techniques, there are various opportunities to improve engine such as chiptuning, exhaust system and remapping. When tuning engine, there are three direct ways; tuning a carburettor engines, a fuel injection engine, turbo engine. Other means include add on products such as chiptuning. Chiptuning introduced much easier way to simply tune an engine by adding on a chip. Compared to ECU remapping, which includes overwriting  data directly to ECU(Engine Control Unit), chiptuning is recently arising for its convenience and safety as it only needs to be plugged in rather than going through a big procedure. As easy the chiptuning installation procedure is, taking out the chiptuning device is simpler. It means, you can always take your vehicle back into the original state without any trace. No need to worry about damaging engine, chiptuning simply does not leave any trace on the ECU. As there will be no trace, warranty of the manufacturer will still be intact after plugging out chiptuning box. As one of the leading chiptuning companies, Swiss Chiptech proudly introduces its chiptuning box, Swisschip.