ECU remapping VS Chiptuning


Why do people generally assume ECU remapping brings better performance than chiptuning does?

Both ECU remapping tuning and chiptuning brings great improvement in performance, but, why do people simply assume ECU remapping tuned cars beat chiptuned cars, when there is really not much difference? We believe it is because many customers think ECU remapping as an ultimate form of enhancing performance of the car as it requires total-rewriting of data in the ECU.

However, the customers should know that ECU remapping may void the warranty of a car. Technicians can find out whether there has been a change in the vehicle as the ECU leaves trace. Chiptuning may come in as a great alternative to ECU remapping as it does not require any change in the ECU. In the past, ECU remapped vehicles were better than Chip tuned vehicles performance-wise, however, chiptuning technology has developed immensely.

Followings are records of races between remapped cars and chiptuned cars.

1. Mercedes Benz C220(Swisschip tuned) vs Mercedes Benz C220(“D” company’s CODE 10 mapped)

a) Drag start: “D” company’s CODE 10 mapped car won by a half-car length

b) Rolling start: Swisschip tuned car won by a half-car length


2. BMW 1M(Swisschip tuned) vs BMW 1M(“E” company’s ECU mapped)

a) Drag start: Swisschip tuned car won

b) Rolling start: Swisschip tuned car won


3. MINI Cooper JCW(Swisschip tuned- wheel horse power 213/wheel torque 27.3) vs Coupe S(“M” company’s fight version mapped- wheel horse power 229/wheel torque 36.6)

a) Drag start: 2:2 tied

 *FYI: Drag start is to quickly pass the first 400m of straight line, and rolling start refers to a race which the race actually starts from the point where the cars have reached certain speed*

As shown by records, current chiptuning technology has greatly improved to the point where chiptuned cars can beat mapped cars in performance. On top of the performance excellence, it is a well-known fact that chiptuning excels any other form of tuning for its safety. Our Swiss chip is one of the most well-functioning chiptuning products in the market. Its simplicity has attracted many customers in the past and it shall in the future as well!