Same engine different output !?

brandsIn modern times car manufacturing, manufacturers go on easy paths. Many manufacturers assemble the parts made by other companies in order to complete one car rather than manufacturing all parts from the scratch.

When assembling these parts, manufacturers happen to share the same parts made by the same companies. Of course, this does not apply to all parts of the car, but parts with some significant features or roles; an engine. As mentioned above, not all car manufacturers produce their own engine.

Long story short, there are different cars with different brands but using the same engines. Dodge and Plymouth uses Mitsubishi Motor’s engine. Ford and Mazda often share the same engine. BT-50 and Ranger use same engine also Mazda 6 is somewhat not different from Ford Fusion. Many Chevy large diesel truck engines are manufactured by Isuzu. Honda Pilot is a rebadged Isuzu Trooper. Infiniti G35 is also a rebadged Nissan Skyline. Ford shares the same engine with Lincoln and Mercury. Honda and Acura are another examples. Nissan shares its own engine with its luxury vehicle division, Infiniti. Toyota does the same with its own luxury vehicle division, Lexus.

One of the big manufacturers VW is a mother company of Bentley, Porsche and Audi, which indicates the vehicles across those brands use the same engines. Mazda’s engines are used by Ford. For instance, Mazda’s KL-DE was used in Ford’s Probe GT and Telstar. Toyota Corona used to have Holden’s Starfire engine. And at this point, some of you may have a query: then aren’t the vehicles with the same engine the same vehicles at the end? Surely they share the same engine but these engines are set differently; they use different softwares.

Some are only set to perform at lower levels while some are with higher settings for better performance. For instance, BMW 30D and 40D share the same engine, but they have different output. BMW X1, X3 and X6 also share the same engine but different output. The same goes on other European brands as well.

This is somewhat similar to Chiptuning. Depending on what model it is, the software and Hardware differs, as well as the programming. Chiptuning boxes enable low set vehicles to up-performance. From the initial setting to higher settings, different levels  of performance will satisfy a wide range of drivers.

Just make sure to be aware of cheap hardware and software, it can be harmful your vehicle.