SWISSCHIP – Diesel Chip Australia

 Chip tuning is one of the safest performance tuning in the world  

Our chip tuning box is adapted with one or two plug to the original injection or MAP system. Through our chip tuning box the amount of fuel will be optimized and in additional the boost pressure will increase. In real time the data of the engine are processed by a microprocessor. All original features of the engine will remain, and are not affected, so the highest level of stability and security is granted. A retrofit to the original state at any time and cannot be detected from the manufacturer, so therefore it does not affect the warranty. Swisschip just plug and play with original connectors from the manufacturer.


  Specifications at a glance  

▶ Plug and Play
▶ 10 Minutes Install / 10 Minutes Remove
▶ No Mechanical knowledge required (Free technical phone service)
▶ Or visit one of our Workshops & Dealershops

Technology & Quality Made in Germany
▶ Silicon Labs 50MHz CPU from Swiss Chiptech with 50MIPS / 200KSPS
▶ Modern microprocessor technology (ST Microelectronics and Atmel processors)
by: real time performance graph adjustment
▶ 2x 10x Hex code, 2 channel oscilloscope,
▶ bypass and timer function, ratiometric signal processing
▶ Original connector
▶ A variety of quality certifications by independent testing institutes guarantees our product standard

Does not affect your warranty. There will be no trace on your car at all.
▶ Swisschip follows a quality assurance system according to DIN EN ISO 9001
▶ All devices are RoHS compliant according to 2002 95 EG
▶ Every controller is tested in a dynamic driving simulation
▶ No interference with the original engine control unit
▶ Keep emergency operation and motor protection programs receive

Performance Enhancement Guarantee
▶ Up to 25% Increase Engine Power
▶ Up to 25% More Torque
▶ Up to 10% fuel saving
100% Money back Guarantee, If you can not feel any difference

Benz 45 AMG 360PS 420PS AUDI S6 4.0 TFSI 420PS 530PS
Mercedes 45AMG 360PS>>>420PS AUDI S6 4.0 TFSI 420PS>>>530PS
BMW 2.0D 177PS 210PS VW GOLF GTI 200PS 242PS
BMW 2.0D 177PS>>>210PS VW GOLF GTI 200PS>>>242PS
Significantly reduce fuel consumption
We highly recommend our Economic Tuning for Commercial Vehicles, Local Couriers, Taxi, Logistics !
ECO Tuning means a data map optimized for consumption, in other words optimized performance, torque, emissions and fuel economy in any driving situation. So with higher efficiency, optimized mapping leads to a lower specific fuel consumption.

With pure ECO Tuning, it is mainly the rpm ranges that are optimized in which fuel savings are possible. This leads to relatively smaller increases in performance figures (kW / hp), since these values are reached and measured in the high rev range. The increase in torque allows driving with, on average, significantly low rpm which then lowers consumption considerably.

SWISS CHIPTECH programmed your Savings!
The main potential for saving is based on the increase in torque. Gear changes are made earlier and fuel is saved with each crankshaft revolution. This is an effect that also works on vehicles with automatic transmission, as long as this is taken into account when tuning.

Our modifications are all TÜV approved and double – blinded and tested against re-examined. Now it’s easy to save fuel.
As a first clue can be found in your savings following the efficiency study. Multiply the appropriate value simply with your fleet and you know what the financial potential you can release quickly and easily.
Businesses in the south of Germany, we have assisted in the modification of 20 trucks.
The savings at an average mileage of 180,000 km a year amounted to over: 120.000 €
We have better deals for commercial vehicles, please contact us for more information !

Efficiency Study
The following tables have been generated for you for a quick overview and assessment. We started from a commodity price of $1.40 / liter. To calculate your savings – potential, you can easily convert the exemplary mileage. The AUD values indicate the savings in the current mileage on the current (unmodified) consumption. Please note that we are in all the calculations are always the worst case expected! (Source: Logistics Division-transporters)
$1.40 / liter Diesel

We encourage you to self-install
SWISSCHIP: Installation
EASY and SIMPLE, TRY self-install and Get a Fuel Voucher !!
It couldn’t be easier. You can try self-install with your own customized installation guide book.

If you get in trouble when you self-install, don’t worry at all. Our technical service team will support you free via phone until it is successfully installed !

It’s easy and simple.
▶ As the one and only company we offer for each vehicle a own customized installation instructions
▶ For each performance of a vehicle you will receive it with pictures illustrated installation manual
▶ Installation doesn’t require any special tools or special knowledge.
▶ The Swisschip Tuning box connectors are secured, it is impossible to connect them the wrong way around or in the wrong position.

You can call our technical service team if you need some help. Real technicians, who carry out dozens of connections a day, will be there and happy to help you. Depending on the model, installation just takes between 5 and 20 minutes.

Self Installation Package


Package includes :
▶ Swisschip Tuning Box
▶ Original OEM connector
▶ Heavy duty bag
▶ Installation Guide book
▶ Certificate Warranty
▶ 6 x Extra heavy duty cable tie
▶ 1 x reflect Swisschip Car sticker
(Black/White/Red, Approx size: 500*50)

 1  Open the hood  2  Remove the engine cover
1 2
3 4
 4  THAT’S IT, THE SWISSCHIP IS CONNECTED Samples of Installation Guide Book
Performance Tuning
Each unit is then programmed to suit the vehicle concerned. The result of this programming is the fruit of performance research in our development centre. Before any unit is marketed for any given model of vehicle, we carry out numerous tests in our laboratory and on our power benches in order to be sure of maximum performance and reliability.

ECO Tuning
Our pure ECO Tuning programmed to optimized for fuel consumption.
We specialize in economic tuning of modern diesel engines and with our economic programming, you benefit from increased power and torque providing you with a linear power delivery and an ability to achieve improved fuel economic and reduced carbon footprint.

Swisschip Device
We recommend you to keeping original setting from our Workshop.It is the most suitable Setting for each of your vehicles.Although, if you want adjust the stage setting for more performance by yourself,please contact us for more information.

Self adjustment Instruction
 1  Remove Two bolts
 2  You can see the Two switches on the board.

Important : Please look carefully SW1&SW2 locations