Maximum Response ! No more Turbo LAG !!
Tuning Pedal
 Ideally in conjunction with Swisschip Tuning-Box  

Our Tuning pedal is for all diesel and petrol vehicles with electronic accelerator suitable. The tuning pedal is adapted with an original connector between the gas pedal sensor. A smooth return arms to their original state at any time.

▶ Greatly improved response and vehicle dynamics
▶ Up to 10% less fuel consumption
▶ Driving without moments of inertia and therefore an intensive driving
▶ Direct implementation of the accelerator pedal movement
▶ Individual adjustment of the response via potentiometer
▶ Faster gear changes in automatic transmissions
▶ No interference with the original engine control unit
▶ Limp and motor protection programs will receive
▶ For automatic and manual transmission
▶ Approved in accordance with EC Directive 89/336 and has the CE marking
▶ Made in Germany

It couldn’t be faster
Tuning Pedal: Installation


 1  Turn off the ignition and wait five minutes.
 2  Loosen the plug connection from the original plug adapter.
 3  Attach both OEM connectors to the accelerator pedal sensor.
 4  Lay the cables in such a way that they are securely installed and are not interfering with anything else.
 5  Attach the Tuning Pedal at a comfortable height in relation to the driver’s seat.
That’s it!

More programmes, more flexibility, more driving fun
Tuning Pedal: Program

Whoever uses their car a lot must face a wide range of different driving conditions and situations. The Tuning Pedal allows drivers to choose between four power levels while the three modes allow increased response. If driving style is adjusted, the Tuning Pedal can even allow fuel consumption to be reduced.

Program Selection Program SelectionChoose four standard programs. These affect the overall driving experience.
Do not change program’s whilst accelerating.
SPORT – Orange LightIn the SPORT mode, throttle response is improved slightly. SPORT increases throttle response by up to 16 per cent, making it suitable for most situations.

We recommend the SOPRT-Mode if you using with Swisschip Tuning Box

SPORT mode
SPORT Plus – Red LightFor sporty drivers, we recommend the SPORT-Plus-Mode. SPORT-Plus incorporates optimal fuel consumption across the entire rpm range and is perfect for merging quickly with road traffic or when overtaking is required. SPORT Plus
CITY – Green Light

The CITY mode is suitable for the stop and go of city traffic. It guarantees improved torque in the lower rpm range while the response is programmed to achieve economical fuel consumption.
ECO mode

We recommend the OFF mode for driving on very slippery road surfaces brought about by ice, snow or heavy rain.
OFF mode
Optimize the curve Optimize the curve Choose from six levels to optimize the curve. You can increase the curve through 3 levels and reduced it trough 3 levels. Do not change programme’s whilst accelerating.

Do not change programme’s whilst accelerating.

curve + 1
curve + 1
curve + 2
curve + 2
curve + 3
curve + 3
curve - 1
curve – 1
curve - 2
curve – 2
curve - 3
curve – 3